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Denim Jeans from My Fate


The high-stretch denim accentuating your body to offer lasting comfort and greater flexibility. A guaranteed brand providing denim at reasonable prices!

Since 2006, we have been serving our customers by establishing an in-house production unit to manage the growing need effectively. Thus, we can guarantee to offer a premium quality clothing line as we control the time and effort we put in keeping up with the essence of every piece of denim that we manufacture. Moreover, we maintain top-notch quality by sourcing fabrics from the top manufacturing brand tycoons such as Raymond, Arvind and similar others.
Becoming an iconic brand, reinventing the definition of denim, My Fate exudes authenticity, uniqueness and self-confidence. With limitless creativity, we always ensure to design cuts and customize each fit to make you feel that each is made especially for you.

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Trained Manpower

With trained manpower and skilled workforce, we offer increased productivity and efficiency while contributing to shortened lead times


Fabric Quality

Every pair boasts finer quality, our fabric that does not rip or shrink. Certainly, you can feel an even and smooth texture on the surface. 


Authentic Colors

A critical element of fashion, get influenced and poise with your choice of authentic color. Our colors do not bleed. 


Trusted Name

You can experience our expression of life with our wide range of comfortable denim jeans offered from 15+ years.